Service Strategy
1. Normal service process:
Customer selects product - customer service specialist docking - communication and sending samples - confirmation of order - manufacturing/stock out of warehouse - product inspection - shipment and delivery【Product Delivery within 7~15 days】
2. Drawing and sample production service process:
Drawings and samples from customers--customer service specialist docking--senior technicians provide professional and efficient services--produce processing drawings and manufacture samples 【3D proofing samples】--both parties confirm the drawings and sign the contract , Delivery deposit----manufacturing----product inspection----delivery.
3. Remarks:
* Focus on customer needs, help customers solve difficulties and pain points with professional knowledge, and help customers complete a perfect product with professional technology.
* Proofing according to customer requirements. For products that require mold opening, the cost of mold opening needs to be borne by the customer.
* The delivery of the deposit starts to calculate the lead time of mold manufacturing. The production time starts counting from the completion of the custom mold.

* The mold manufacturing cycle is 15~25 days 【Special mold delivery time is negotiable】, the production time is negotiated according to the order quantity

* When the number of orders reaches a certain amount, the corresponding mold fee can be refunded


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